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Kwanzaa/Christmas Lighting

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KWANZAA STYLE LIGHTING : African Americans / Americans as of late have taken great pride in their roots/history and have recognized Kwanzaa as being a great time of celebrating. Kwanzaa is an African American holiday which celebrates family, community and culture. The word (Kwanzaa) itself gets it origin from the Kiswahili phrase "matunda ya kwanza" which means "first fruits of the harvest" which is a depiction of the celebration of harvesting the first crops in traditional Africa. There is erronous teachings that Kwanzaa is a replacement for Christmas for African Americans. Although Kwanzaa is celebrated in the mist of the religious Christmas holiday season it is not a religious holiday but a week long celebration of culture among African Americans and SHOULD NOT take the place of the christian observance of Christ's birth. Kwanzaa begins the day after Christmas. Essential Time Co. (ETC) is proud to introduce lighting products that commemorate the holiday Kwanzaa. 140 beautyfully Pan African colored electronically controlled miniature light bulbs used for holiday decorating. Specifically designed for the festive holiday celebrations. The concept of these light strings was so unique they have been granted a United States registered trademark.

Lighting features listed below

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  • NEW! Black Bulbs
  • Red, black, green bulbs (Kwanzaa Style)
  • Black power cord and black function control box
  • UL listed for indoor & outdoor use
  • Designed for use on 110 - 120 volt circuit
  • Overall length: 37 feet 10 inches / 11.5m per set
  • Bulbs are cool burning
  • When one bulb burns out, all others remain lit
  • Replacement bulbs included per set
  • Safety plug with replacement fuse


  • Combination
  • In Wave
  • Sequential
  • Slow Glow
  • In Wave/Twinkle Flashing
  • Slow Fade
  • Twinkle Flashing
  • Steady On