The most complete Kwanzaa Display on the WEB or anywhere!

Whether you're at home, at the office, or planning a Kwanzaa event. You can set up these complete Kwanzaa displays anywhere to highlight this wonderful holiday. No more last minute searching for items to go on your display table. The complete Kwanzaa display has everything you need to set up (except live fruits or veggies). Choose the candle kwanzaa set if you wish to preform the actual candle lighting ceremony. Choose the electric kwanzaa set if your display setting have liability (fire) issues i.e., public buildings, banks, hospitals, children, etc. Check the listing below to see all that is included with your complete Kwanzaa display.
NEW! Artifical Fruit
Don't have time to search for fruit for the bowl to make your Kwanzaa display complete? We've made it available when you order either Complete Kwanzaa Displays. Included in each fruit set: Black grapes, 2 bananas, green grapes, orange, 2 pears, green apple, and red apple
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Candle Kinara Display

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AVAILABILITY:Out of stock for 2014

Eletric Kinara Display

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ONLY $150.00

AVAILABILITY:out of Stock for 2014

Included with your Kwanzaa display setting

Kinara:(The Candle Holder) A beautiful genuine wooden base Kinara. Choose either candle or electric.


Mishumaa Saba:(The Seven Candles)These are symbolic of the Nguzo Saba, the Seven Principles, the matrix and minimum set of values which African people are urged to live by in order to rescue and reconstruct their lives in their own image and according to their own needs. NOTE: A set of candles are included with the candle kinara display setting ONLY.


Kikombe cha Umoja:(The Unity Cup)This is symbolic of our roots, our parent people. NOTE: Tablerunner not included.


Mkeka:(The Mat)This is symbolic of our tradition and history and therefore, the foundation on which we build.


African Pattern Table Covering:African textiles and designs for your Kwanzaa display.This table covering measures approximately 3'x 3'.


Mazao Bowl:(The Crops Holder)These crops are symbolic of African harvest celebrations and of the rewards of productive and collective labor.The bowl or holder are in which the crops are placed.NOTE: No fruits or vegetables included. It is suggested to place plastic fruits and vegetables in bowl when displaying in public places


Muhindi:(The Corn)This is symbolic of our children and our future which they embody.


Nguzo Saba:(The Seven Principles)Surrounded in the perfect frame.


African Art Piece:Adorn your Kwanzaa display with a piece of authentic African art

Due to availability some items may be substituted to make your Kwanzaa display complete. Rest assured that your display will be beautiful.